Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market is estimated to be US$ 1.93 Billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 31.8% during the forecast period 2032

The electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling market is emerging as a crucial component of the sustainable and environmentally responsible electric mobility ecosystem. With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles worldwide, there is a growing need to address the recycling and repurposing of lithium-ion batteries, which power these vehicles. Here’s an overview of the electric vehicle battery recycling market:

Market Overview:

  1. Market Growth: The electric vehicle battery recycling market has witnessed substantial growth as electric mobility gains traction globally. As more electric vehicles are produced and enter the market, the volume of end-of-life batteries available for recycling is increasing.
  2. Lithium-Ion Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries are the dominant power source in electric vehicles. These batteries contain valuable materials like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and aluminum, making them economically and environmentally significant to recycle.
  3. Recycling Process: Battery recycling involves several stages, including collection, disassembly, sorting, and chemical processing. The goal is to recover valuable metals and materials while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Key Players:

  • Aqua Metals
  • Battery Solutions Inc.
  • Call2Recycle
  • Enersys
  • Snam S.P.A.
  • Accurec recycling GmbH
  • American Manganese Inc.
  • G&P Batteries
  • Li-Cycle Corp.
  • Retriev Technologies
  • Umicore N.V.*

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  • Based on Chemistry, Global Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market is segmented into Lithium ion phosphates, Lithium metal phosphates, and Lithium manganese cobalt oxides.
  • Based on Application, Global Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market is segmented into Electric Buses, Energy Storage Systems, Electric Cars and others.
  • Based on End-User, Global Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market is segmented into Industrial, Transportation, and others.
  • By Region, the Global Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.

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Market Share Analysis: Data on the market share held by key players and how it has evolved over time.

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