Zinc Oxide Market to Witness Impressive Growth: CAGR of 4.6% Propelling Market Value to US$ 24.88 billion by 2030.

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Zinc oxide market plays a vital role in various industries, providing essential properties and functionalities for numerous applications. Its versatile nature, coupled with its desirable characteristics, contributes to its widespread usage in rubber, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

The zinc oxide market refers to the industry involved in the production, distribution, and utilization of zinc oxide, a versatile inorganic compound with various applications across multiple sectors. Zinc oxide is a white powder that is commonly used in industries such as rubber, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals.

Zinc oxide possesses unique properties that make it a valuable material in different applications. It exhibits excellent UV-blocking properties, anti-corrosion characteristics, high thermal conductivity, and good electrical conductivity. These properties make zinc oxide suitable for a wide range of uses.

In the rubber industry, zinc oxide is widely used as an essential ingredient in the production of rubber products. It acts as an activator for rubber vulcanization, improves the physical properties of rubber compounds, and enhances heat resistance and aging resistance. The ceramics industry also relies on zinc oxide for various applications. It is used as a fluxing agent in ceramic glazes, enabling better adhesion of glaze to the ceramic surface and enhancing the appearance and durability of ceramic products.

The report “ Global Zinc Oxide Market, By Application (Rubber, Chemical, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Others (Ceramics, Electronics and Agricultural)), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa) – Trends, Analysis, and Forecast till 2030”

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 Key Market Insights from the report:

Global Zinc Oxide Market accounted for US$ 10.57 billion in 2020 and is estimated to be US$ 24.88 billion by 2030 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.6%.  The Global Zinc Oxide Market is segmented by Application, and Region.

  • By Application, Global Zinc Oxide Market is segmented into Rubber, Chemical, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Others Ceramics, Electronics and Agricultural.
  • By Region, Global Zinc Oxide Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa

Competitive Landscape:

Key players in the global zinc oxide market includes,

  • Symrise AG
  • Hakusuitech Co, Ltd.
  • Boliden Group
  • Merck KGaA
  • Kobo Products Inc.
  • Mineral and Pigment Solutions Inc.
  • TRI-K Industries Inc.
  • Sunjin Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Evonik Industries AG
  • Korea Zinc Co., Ltd.

The market provides detailed information regarding the industrial base, productivity, strengths, manufacturers, and recent trends which will help companies enlarge the businesses and promote financial growth. Furthermore, the report exhibits dynamic factors including segments, sub-segments, regional marketplaces, competition, dominant key players, and market forecasts. In addition, the market includes recent collaborations, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships along with regulatory frameworks across different regions impacting the market trajectory. Recent technological advances and innovations influencing the global market are included in the report.

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  • Rubber: Zinc oxide is used as an activator in rubber vulcanization, enhancing the physical properties of rubber compounds.
  • Ceramics: Zinc oxide serves as a fluxing agent in ceramic glazes, improving adhesion and durability.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Zinc oxide is used in medicinal ointments, creams, and lotions for its antiseptic and UV-blocking properties.
  • Cosmetics: Zinc oxide is utilized in sunscreens, foundations, powders, and other beauty and personal care products as a UV filter.
  • Chemicals: Zinc oxide acts as a catalyst and is used as a raw material in the production of other zinc compounds.


  • Standard Grade: This refers to commercially available zinc oxide with standard purity and specifications.
  • Chemical Grade: This grade involves high-purity zinc oxide used in specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade: This grade is specifically formulated for pharmaceutical applications, ensuring high purity and quality standards.

End-Use Industry:

  • Rubber Industry: This includes applications in the production of tires, rubber seals, hoses, and other rubber-based products.
  • Ceramics Industry: This segment covers the use of zinc oxide in ceramic glazes, tiles, sanitaryware, and other ceramic applications.
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry: This segment focuses on the use of zinc oxide in medicinal formulations, ointments, and healthcare products.
  • Cosmetics Industry: This segment encompasses zinc oxide’s usage in sunscreens, skincare products, makeup, and beauty formulations.
  • Chemicals Industry: This includes applications in the production of paints, coatings, pigments, and various chemical formulations.


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

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