Viscose Staple Fiber Market Worth US$ 13.26 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.1% Industry Analysis and Outlook

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Viscose staple fiber, also known as rayon, is a man-made fiber derived from natural cellulose materials, typically wood pulp from trees such as bamboo, eucalyptus, or beech. It is a versatile and widely used fiber in the textile industry due to its desirable properties and cost-effectiveness.

Viscose staple fiber is produced through a multi-step process called the viscose process. The wood pulp is chemically treated to extract cellulose, which is then dissolved in a chemical solution to form a viscous liquid known as viscose. This viscose is forced through spinnerets to form filaments, which are then cut into shorter lengths to produce staple fibers.The market for viscose staple fiber has experienced significant growth over the years, driven by factors such as its softness, breathability, and ability to blend well with other fibers. It is widely used in various textile applications, including apparel, home textiles, medical textiles, and non-woven fabrics.


The global Viscose Staple Fiber Market accounted for US$ 8.9 billion in 2020 and is estimated to be US$ 13.26 billion by 2030 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.1%. The global Viscose Staple Fiber Market is segmented based on type, production process, application, and region.

  • On the basis of Type, the global Viscose Staple Fiber Market is segmented into (Modulus Fiber, Ordinary Fiber, and Strong Fiber.
  • On the basis of production process, the global Viscose Staple Fiber Market is segmented into Rayon Grade Caustic Soda, Pulp, Sulfuric Acid, and Carbon Disulfide.
  • On the basis of Application, the global Viscose Staple Fiber Market is segmented into Non-Woven, Textile Apparels, and Specialty.
  • On the basis of region, the global Viscose Staple Fiber Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.

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Competitive Analysis:                                                                                 

The key players operating in the global Viscose Staple Fiber Market includes:

  • Aditya Birla Management Corp. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tangsgan Sanyou Group
  • Xingda Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd.
  • Lenzing AG
  • China Hi-Tech Group Corporation
  • Glanzstoff Industries
  • Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd.
  • Sniac Group
  • Kelheim Fibers GmbH
  • Nanjing Chemical Fibre Co. Ltd

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Drivers and Restraints:


  • Growing demand in the textile industry: The textile industry is the major consumer of viscose staple fiber, and the increasing demand for textiles, particularly in developing countries, is a significant driver for market growth. Viscose staple fiber offers a cost-effective alternative to natural fibers while providing desirable characteristics such as softness and breathability.
  • Rising consumer preference for sustainable and eco-friendly fibers: With increasing awareness about environmental sustainability, there is a growing demand for eco-friendly textile materials. Viscose staple fiber, derived from renewable cellulose sources, is considered a sustainable choice compared to synthetic fibers. This trend is driving the demand for viscose staple fiber in the market.
  • Versatility and blending capabilities: Viscose staple fiber can be easily blended with other fibers to enhance their properties and performance. It can improve the softness and drape of fabrics when blended with cotton or enhance the strength and durability when blended with synthetic fibers. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for textile manufacturers.


  • Environmental concerns: While viscose staple fiber is derived from natural cellulose sources, the production process involves the use of chemicals and solvents, which can have negative environmental impacts if not properly managed. The improper disposal of these chemicals and wastewater can lead to pollution and harm ecosystems. Efforts are being made to develop more environmentally friendly production processes for viscose staple fiber.
  • Fluctuating raw material prices: The price of wood pulp, the primary raw material for viscose staple fiber production, can be volatile due to factors such as supply and demand dynamics, climate conditions, and government policies. Fluctuating raw material prices can affect the profitability of manufacturers and impact the overall market.
  • Competition from alternative fibers: Viscose staple fiber faces competition from other synthetic and natural fibers in the market. Synthetic fibers like polyester offer advantages such as durability, wrinkle resistance, and low cost, while natural fibers like cotton and wool are preferred for their natural and organic attributes. The availability and cost-effectiveness of alternative fibers can impact the demand for viscose staple fiber.

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